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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

woman wearing a casual outfit with trainers

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This week's blog post is all about easy-to-wear practical outfit ideas for us school run mums. Many of my personal styling clients, who are mainly mums always say they struggle with planning or putting together good outfits. Being organized is the key to managing your wardrobe and having some kind of capsule wardrobe can also help. You may be a mum who also juggles work commitments as well so, your outfits may need to be more smart casual to take you from the school run to the office. However, in this blog, we are focusing on casual outfits, but I believe my tips below can also help mums who have to rush off to work. I do hope the following ideas give you some solutions on how to allow yourself that little bit of time to dress up and focus on your self-care.

Now, just to clarify I am not suggesting dressing up to the nines. It's more focusing on that feel-good factor that clothes can give you. Allowing some time to focus on your self-care. If you are wearing something that you really love then no doubt it will make you feel great. Here are some other ideas that will help you to get ready with ease.


This might sound silly to some, but for most of us busy mums, the mornings are so chaotic and stressful that it's hard for anyone to think straight about what to wear. When working with my personal styling clients who struggle in this area, I always suggest spending 10 minutes the night before planning on what to wear. The mornings will never be stressful when it comes to focusing on your self-care as you have already spent a small amount of time thinking about your outfit. A capsule wardrobe can really help to create outfits effortlessly as every piece will mix and match to create multiple outfit options. You simply won't even have to think too much if you haven't even planned your outfit. Simply throw it on and go...

Easy outfit combinations

Don't let the stress of what to wear send you over the edge. Keep your outfits simple! Stick to key pieces that you find easy and comfortable to wear. It could be a combination of leggings and sweatshirt or jeans and t-shirt then play around with layers or outerwear to complete the look. I love a shacket or a utility jacket in Spring. Also, what you wear on your feet is equally as important. Comfort for us busy mums on the school run is key; You just can't beat a comfy pair of trainers.

Even though I have no intention of going to the gym on most days, I do love wearing my cozy leggings with a hoodie. Especially if I am working from home doing online styling. It's such a comfy combination that you can just throw on in the mornings. With all the running around us mums do, picking up school bags and lunch boxes it practically feels like we have done a workout before the day has even begun.

The Five minute routine

Since having my three children I have installed a five-minute daily self-care routine in the mornings. I used to rush out of my house without cream or SPF on my face. Sometimes, not even have time to comb my hair properly as the mornings were always so stressful it would always be about them and never any time for myself. So, now while my kids settle to eat their breakfast I go upstairs and allow myself that extra bit of time to look after my skin, and if I am working on that day to even apply a bit of makeup. Create that 5 minute ritual for yourself as it always gives me a spring in my step when I am looking and feeling great.

Below, I have created some cool easy-to-wear practical outfit ideas that may inspire some of you busy mums to recreate these looks. You may already have some of these pieces in your wardrobe or some of these items may fill in a gap in your wardrobe. Please note some of these products have affiliate links whereby if you make a purchase I will receive a small commission from the sale. This is no extra cost to you. This small income helps me to continue to do what I love and bring you great quality content.

Outfit ideas for women by personal stylist jas chana

Teddy jacket, Monki - Link

Breton Top, Boden - Link

Wide leg trousers, Marks and Spencer - Link

Crossbody bag, Marks and Spencer - Link

Sunglasses, Quay Australia - Link

Trainers, Marks & Spencer - Link

casual outfit idea for women by personal stylist jas chana

Khaki jacket, Baukjen - Link

Bag, Ellie Beaumont - Link

Sweatshirt, Anine Bing - Link

Dr. Martens, Schuh - Link

Faux leggings, Riverisland - Link

casual outfit idea for women by personal stylist jas

Coat, Hm - Link

Cap,LL - Link

New Balance trainer - Link

Sweatshirt, hm - Link

Joggers, hm - Link

Quilted jacket, Lindex - Link

Tshirt, M&S - Link

Jeans, Hush - Link

Bag, Russel & Bromley - Link

Veja, Harvey Nichols - Link

casual outfit idea for women by personal stylist jas

Sweatshirt, Hush - Link

Quilted jacket, M&S - Link

Leopard leggings, snow, and rock - Link

Padded bag, country attire - Link

Trainers, Nike - Link

casual outfit idea for women by personal stylist jas

Denim jacket, M&S - Link

Side stripe pants, Riverisland - Link

T-shirt, M&S - Link

Converse - Link

casual outfit idea for women by personal stylist jas

Padded waist jacket, Link

Jumper, Hush - Link

Jeans, HM - Link

Trainers, Nike - Link

casual outfit idea for women by personal stylist jas

Coat, Newlook - Link

Jumper, Reiss, Link

Leggings, Riverisland - Link

Boots, &otherstories - Link

Sunglasses, Quay - Link

Bag, Jigsaw - Link

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it has given you some inspiration on what to wear on the morning school or nursery run. As always I love your feedback on these blogs. Please do leave me a comment below and tell me what your favourite outfit is to wear on the school run.

If you would like more information about my personal online styling or in-person personal styling services then please do get in touch. I can help you create a bespoke capsule wardrobe of considered outfits that will work effortlessly for your busy lifestyle. Please click here for my online styling services that can be booked directly via my website. For in-person services please do get in touch here.

Thanks for reading!


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