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Bluewater shopping centre
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Bluewater Shopping centre is one of the largest shopping hubs in Greenhithe, Kent. The triangular design of the centre has a great mix of top flagship stores, popular high street shops, and chic urban boutiques. The shopping centre also offers great leisure facilities such as a cinema, a trampoline park, and beautiful outdoor lakes. Perfect for families to explore. There is also a wide range of coffee shops and restaurants to choose from. My particular favourite restaurant is Comptoir Lebanais. It has great food and the atmosphere is uplifting through the pretty decor and wall art that makes you feel like you are transported to a warm country. 

Bluewater shopping centre stands out from other local shopping centres as it offers the best quality and largest mix of stores, leisure, and food facilities. The shopping centre includes popular high street stores Zara, Arket, Monsoon, Riverisland,  Hobbs, Reiss, Massimo Dutti, House of Frazer, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and many more.

Shopping around the centre is always relaxing and stress-free. My clients really enjoy my personal shopper experience at bluewater. Before any personal shop, my clients are asked to fill out an in-depth questionnaire of their styling requirements.  I always organise and prepare items from key shops before my client arrives to ensure the session goes smoothly.  Each session begins with complimentary coffee and chat discussing the client's brief. 

If you would like to book a personal shopping experience at Bluewater then please get in by clicking on the below button To read more about our personal shopping service click here.

Full day price from £500

What my clients say....

I found Jas when searching for local stylists online. I've always wanted to learn more about my body shape, what colours suit me, and styles of clothes that compliment my body shape, and decided to treat myself before my birthday. I'd gained weight over lockdown (who hasn't!) and didn't feel comfortable in finding outfits that suited and flattered my shape anymore.

I booked a Personal Styling Session with Jas at Bluewater and was so glad I did! From the moment I met Jas, I immediately felt welcomed and relaxed. I loved how organised the session was and that Jas had pre-selected outfits for me to try on, making sure the process was as smooth as possible. Jas was quickly on hand in the changing rooms when I needed smaller or bigger sizes and went above and beyond to help me choose outfits for a capsule wardrobe that I could style in different ways, showing me tips on how to style outfits to ensure they flattered my shape

I was sent a Body Shape guide after the session which I could refer back to for future use and Jas even helped find pieces online that we couldn't find in the store that I wanted, which was amazing. The value for what you get for the price paid is so worth the money (and dare I say, worth way more than what she charges!). By the end of the day I had a whole wardrobe of items I felt comfortable and stylish in and kept within my budget which was amazing. Investing in yourself is so important and something we don't do enough of, especially as women we often put other people first. I've felt so much more confident in myself since the styling session - it's amazing what the right clothes can do.

Thank you, Jas!

Kelly Chaplin

  • Do you work with people of different body shapes?
    Of course, I work with women and men of all different body shapes and sizes. Style has no size. So, I believe whatever shape you are, you can look amazing. I also work with petite, tall, and plus size body shapes. When you work with me I will help you discover new brands that specialize in clothes for lots of different shapes.
  • What age range of people do you work with?
    I have worked with many people with ages ranging from teenagers from 19 years old to 72 years old. I love helping men and women of all age groups to look and feel great.
  • Which locations do you offer personal shopping?
    My personal shopper service covers areas Lakeside shopping centre, Bluewater shopping centre. West Field Stratford, West field White city, Selfridges in London or Harrods in Knightsbrige. I work with all style budgets so, when it comes to personal shopping I will suggest a suitable location that is close to my clients area/location.
  • How long is a wardrobe detox and personal shopping session ?
    Both a wardrobe detox and personal shopping session is a minum of three hours. If we have a very large wardrobe to edit or a big personal shop then this can take 6 hours which will be a whole day booking.
  • Will you style me in things that are simialar to your style?
    No, every client's style is unqiue. After my clients fill out an in depth questionnaire and style personality quiz then I plan their shopping session at all the shops that fit in line with my clients style personality.
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