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Client before and after Transformations

before and after style transformation of a women, personal stylist essex

Before and after style transformation of my Client Mubenah, a busy mother of four children who's goal was to create a chic and effortless style as well as regaining her confidence in putting together outfits. 

before and after outfit transformation

Kelly had experienced some big life changes and really wanted to learn how she could confidently style herself. During our style experience Kelly learned what styles worked for her shape and how to confidently create outfits. Elevating her personal style helped Kelly to step into a powerful version of herself in life and her business

Untitled design (2).jpg

A busy business man who needed a capsule wardrobe of quality clothes that work hard for all the different areas of his lifestyle.  We nailed his brief within a 3 hour personal shopping trip at Bluewater Shopping centre. Here's his before and after looks. 

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