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Bespoke Personal Stylist Essex

My mission is to help you look and feel great in your clothes. No matter what body insecurities you may have, my aim is to guide you to express your unique personality through your clothes and style yourself with confidence.  

About Me 

Hi, my name is Jas, I am an image consultant based in Hornchurch Essex. I am mum of three beautiful children. I am passionate about my work and I absolutely love helping others reclaim their confidence through style.  My interest in fashion all started at a very young age. My mother was a seamstress, and as a little girl, I was always so inspired by the clothing she made out of the beautifully embroidered fabrics that were lovingly sewn together.  This is what started my journey into the big world of fashion.  
After having my children, I took some time out from work. Motherhood has been a great journey, but while staying at home, I started to feel like I really needed a creative outlet, I also wanted to really help other people realign with their unique style. I can personally resonate so much with other women who fall into a style rut or who experience big changes in life such as body shape changes, illness, or menopause. There is incredible power in how clothes can make you feel! So, as a personal stylist, I love using my experience to help women & men to regain their sense of style as well as building their self-confidence through clothes.

Fashion Industry Experience

I have an honors degree in BA Fashion & Textiles at Bournemouth University and I am a fully qualified stylist from The Style Coaching Institute. I have gain experience in different sectors of the Fashion Industry. My creative background includes over 15 years of experience in fashion design, styling for a fashion editorial magazine, working in highstreet retail stores, and online fashion marketing. I also lived and worked as a Textile Designer for a fashion house in Paris. I have done various interviews with radio shows such as BBC Asian Network, BBC Essex and was featured in various local magazine articles.

What makes me different 

I am deeply passionate about helping people feel they're very best.  The extensive experience that I have gained throughout my fashion career has naturally enabled me to progress into personal styling. My knowledge of trends and high street stores gives me a unique understanding of the best styles that suit different body shapes.
My expertise can help people from all walks of life to recognise their identity and authentically express their true style personality to the world.  I will intently listen to your needs, help you rediscover your style and build your dream wardrobe that makes you look and feel great.

Who are my style service for..

I work with women and men of all ages, shapes, and budgets. My clients range from directors, small business owners, busy mums who want to reclaim their style, to teenagers and older clientele. I am passionate about helping both Men &  women to find their own unique style and no matter what body insecurities you may have, my aim is to help you recognise how gorgeous you really are.  
My online styling and in-person personal styling services are bespoke and tailored to each individual client's needs. If you are thinking about booking a style experience then please do contact me.
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