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Do you have tons of clothes in your wardrobe but always say
"I have nothing to wear"?  Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with your big wardrobe? Then this service will be the best investment
you will ever make. 


Step by step process of this service

Using my expert knowledge I will transform your wardrobe so that you will get maximum wear out of every piece of clothing you own.  This will give your mind more clarity and getting ready in the mornings will never be a stressful task again. Hiring a stylist is a very personal experience so it is my aim to make sure you are at ease and 100% comfortable throughout our session. Our wardrobe edit service is available in Essex and London.

Benefits of a wardrobe edit

​Step one
Initial phone or optional zoom consultation for 20 mins. This is a great opportunity for you to tell me all about you and what you would like to focus on in this service.
Step two
Questionnaires will be sent via email to get a deeper understanding of your current lifestyle and style requirements. I will require these back via email before our session.   
Step three

On the day of the wardrobe edit, we will first discuss your shape then we will talk about which cuts,  and fabrics work best for you. I will guide you through each piece in your wardrobe and explain what items work,  give you my expert style tips and style ideas on how to put together outfits, and eliminate any unflattering impulse buys. I will then completely tidy and thoroughly organize your wardrobe so that you can see exactly what you have. Throughout the session, I will identify gaps in your wardrobe and compile a shopping list of items you need.

Step Four 

After our session, you will be sent a bespoke mini personalized body shape guide including wardrobe care. 

  • This experience will help to positively impact your life. You will build self-confidence and gain a clear direction on how you can express your style personality to the world.  
  • Learn about all the key styles that suit your unique body shape.
  • A tidy wardrobe will enable you to see exactly what you have so, getting ready daily will never be a stressful task.
  • This service will help you save you time and money. 
  • Gain valuable knowledge on how to keep a more sustainable and streamlined wardrobe of items that will work hard for your busy lifestyle.
  • Gain the tools on how to shop with intention and eliminate impulse buys.
  • This experience will give you a boost of confidence and a clear focus on building your dream wardrobe. 
  • You feel more confident in putting together outfits and accessories to suit your body shape. 
  • Knowledge of how you can keep a highly organised wardrobe.

Note: This may cost more if you have a very large wardrobe as it will take longer.

I am based in Essex and London. I also travel all around the UK for styling and wardrobe detox appointments. There is an additional travel charge for this. Please get in touch to find out more. 

What my clients say....

The wardrobe detox has been one of the best things I did. What better way to step into the new year with new fashion inspiration and clearing out clothes that I don't need or use. Jas has given me lots of tips for clothes that suit my body shape and colours that really help with my colouring. Also a report to go with it. I can't recommend her enough. It as definitely help me reinvent my fashion style while still being me. Thank you!

Susana Estrella - Brentwood Essex

How long is a wardrobe detox and personal shopping session ? 
A wardrobe detox usually takes a  minimum of three hours. If we have a very large wardrobe to edit then this can take 6 hours which will be a whole day booking. 
Will I have any clothes left in my wardrobe after my edit? 
This is different for every client. On most occasions, my clients know a lot of items no longer serve them so they are happy for them to be removed. During the session, I identify and make a list of new items that could be added to my client's wardrobe. The client can then go purchase them online or book my online shopping service to find all the items for them. 
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