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Updated: Jan 6, 2023

How to shop the sales online and on the high street

The January Sales are now in full flow. Even though most of high street stores are closed, many online stores are still tempting us with irresistible offers and sales. However, it can get really overwhelming when there is so much to choose from so, it is essential to have a plan in advance before you shop. With sustainability high on the agenda now, it is more important than ever that we shop consciously by only buying things that we will wear and that will last us a long time. I wrote this blog way before this new lockdown started so, you will see my tips on shopping in-store as well. These tips will be great to keep in mind when all the stores re-open. Before you start shopping the sales online check out my stylist guide with my top tips on how to shop the sales smarter.


Before you even think about visiting a shop the key is to plan ahead. I advise that you start with a thorough wardrobe detox that will help you to organise what you already have. This will help you to identify any clear gaps of things that you really need. Once you have a list then you can start planning your shop.


Research the best shops that will cater to your body shape, style personality, and budget. Looking around in advance could save you a huge amount of time and money. Once you know which shops you want to visit then this will help you to stay focused on what you need to buy, avoiding any overspending.


Use all the tools that shopping websites provide. i.e the like and save tool. Save items in advance of the sales so that you can monitor and quickly buy items that have been discounted. This will also help save you time on hunting for items.


Due to the pandemic, many fitting rooms are closed so it's worth noting your body measurements in a notebook. When you are going out shopping take a tape measure with you, keeping your measurements in mind. You can then check sizing using your tape measure i.e bust width and dress or top lengths. This way you will save a lot of time buying two different sizes and going back and forth into the shops to return items.


Wear something light and loose that can be easily taken off quickly. You want to make sure that you get the right fit from any item you buy. Also, changing rooms can get hot and sweaty so, wear a cross-body bag that you can fit in a small snack and water bottle to stay hydrated. Shopping in the sales can get stressful and hot with stores full of busy shoppers and long queues.

SHOP WITH EASE at the right time

Shopping the sales in-store can get overwhelming and messy when there are so many people hunting for bargains in the stores. To avoid the crowds, I advise going first thing in the morning when all the stock is neatly organised and easy to find. This will be a much more pleasant and stress-free shopping experience where you can clearly see all the items hanging on the rails.


Avoid trend lead items, as more than likely you will not be interested in wearing them when they are out of fashion. Instead, shop wardrobe basics or classic tailored pieces in the sales. These are the key items in your wardrobe that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfit options. Items such as a good coat, quality knitwear, good jeans, and leather boots are worth hunting in the highest quality you can afford. Check out stores: Neta Porter, Matches, Whistles, Reiss, Massimo Dutti, and COS for great classics. Visit Selfridges, Harvey Nichol, and Harrods for great designer sale accessories.


Think ahead. Do you have a holiday planned? It's the perfect time to look out for out-of-season pieces. The winter sales always have some great discounts on summer dresses and sandals. Look at designer brands or boutiques that you would usually not look at as these sites always have the best bargains.


If you do unexpectedly find something in the sale that you like. Ask yourself these questions before you buy. Will I still love this item in a years’ time? Is it a classic item that will go with other things in my wardrobe? Is the fabric quality good? Do I have something similar in my wardrobe that serves exactly the same function?

Buying with clear intention

Don't be swayed by the sale price. Think about it. If you wouldn't buy it at full price, then it's not worth spending even half of that. It is only a great buy if it will be loved and worn a lot. Walk away from anything that you know you will only wear once. It's certainly not a bargain if you buy it to just end up sitting unloved hanging in your wardrobe.


I know this is an obvious statement but, buy the right size! We have all at some point in our lives bought things that are a bit snug. How many of us have said, "I will lose a bit or weight to get into this". In most cases that never happens, only for the item to then end up going into a charity shop. Regardless of the size that you select, it is the fit that should flatter your body shape. When you feel good wearing an item then you know you are making a worthy investment. That's the key!

when to find the best sale items

In my many years of experience with sale shopping, I have always found the best-discounted sale buys in the last week of the sales. So, keep a regular eye on things that you really want. Look for designer wardrobe classics that will work hard in your wardrobe.

Happy Sale Shopping!

I hope you enjoyed my blog post. Are you a savvy sale shopper? Or are you a sucker for a bargain? what will you be buying in the sales this year?

I would love to hear from you. Please do leave me a comment below.

Many thanks for reading!

Jas x

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