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Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Over the last few week's life as we know it has been turned up side down by the flu Pandemic. The whole country has been put into lockdown, forcing many of us to work from home and families to home school their children. I myself have the huge task of home schooling all my three children alongside keeping the house in order and running my styling business.

Despite the challenging climate we are living in, I am determined to create a new routine to make it all work while we are navigating through these uncertain times. During this period of isolation it is easy to fall into a style rut wearing the same things everyday. Right now, it might feel easy to live in your leggings or loungewear but I truly believe what you wear can have a massive effect on your mood and how you feel about yourself. Of course we all have those days where we just want to dress down and there is nothing wrong with that. As a personal stylist, I always feel more motivated and happier when I am dressed in my best clothes.

Here are some of my stylist tips for self-care and well-being that will help you to keep yourself looking and feeling good in lock down.

  • Comfort is key, so whether you like living in cosy lounge wear or a jumper and jeans you can still look and feel great at home. Or why not wear your favourite dress in the house. For me, midi dresses are so easy to throw on and are super comfortable to wear in spring and summer. I don't believe in saving anything for best. Always wear what you love!

  • Wear your favourite colours. Research studies prove colour can absolutely affect your mood, behaviour and stress levels. My favourite happy colours are red and pink. The colour red can make you feel passionate and energised. The colour pink calms and reassures our emotional energies.

  • Elevate your simple looks with accessories or your best jewellery. I.e scarves, belts, double chain necklaces, earrings or stacked bracelets. I love admiring my pretty jewellery when I wear it. Wear your best jewellery that will make your feel good!

  • Styling up my hair nice and wearing a little makeup with a bright red lippy always makes me feel so much better. Especially when I catch my reflection in the mirror.

  • Do a workout in your favourite gym wear. There are a lot of free workouts to choose from on YouTube channels from yoga to zumba videos. Any form of exercise helps to boost your levels of oxytocin and is also great for your mental health. Check out brands Sweaty Betty and Fabletic's for cool gym wear.

  • Reading inspirational books or daily positive quotes, they massively help my mindset and keep me positive. I am currently reading Oprah Winfery's uplifting and inspiring book 'What I know for sure'.

  • I love podcasts! In this fast paced life we live in, it is a great way to gain knowledge of new information that can massively help you in so many ways. I like to listen to podcasts while doing a work out, my ironing or completing chores around the house. I love listening to these inspirational people; Fern Cotton's 'Happy Place' Jay Shetty's 'On purpose' and Claire Press 'Wardrobe Crisis' Whatever your interests are there are hundreds of podcasts to choose from.

  • Detox your own wardrobe. It's so good for the mind and soul. Having a good declutter and knowing exactly what you have will make it so much easier getting ready on a daily basis. Checkout my blog here for tips on how to start detoxing.

  • Music makes me so happy! I love singing and dancing with my kids or when I'm cleaning. I also find it quite calming listening to chill out tunes while I am doing work on my computer. Listening to music we enjoy stimulates the release of dopamine that also makes us feel great.

I hope you found my tips useful. I would love to know your thoughts, so please do leave a comment below. If you are struggling with your style and need my professional guidance then please do check out how I can help you with my online styling service. To know more about this service please click here.

Thank you!

Jas x

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