There are periods in everyone's life when the clothes once seemed right don't do the job anymore.  Perhaps you are starting a new job, recently had a baby or following weight loss are not sure what your style is anymore.  All these lifestyle changes can lead to getting stuck in a style rut or completely losing your style mojo .  I can use my expertise and knowledge to help take away the frustration of finding you what to wear.  I can help you feel excited about getting dressed again and  gaining back your confidence through style. 

Booking a personal stylist is one of the most important steps towards your self care.  Do not under estimate how 'a  great dress' can make you feel.  This is an opportunity to take a fresh look at yourself, to identify your style personality and develop your unique style.

Benefits of booking a Personal Stylist:

* Saving you time and money to curate the best wardrobe 

* Re-discovering and define your individual style 

* Creating a wardrobe that works hard for your busy lifestyle

* Expert style advice on how to dress well for your body shape

* Helping you to discover new styles and colours that  will suit you.

* Be inspired to push yourself out of your comfort zone and dress with confidence 

* Learn to shop smarter and navigate the high street shops to suit your shape and budget. 

* A  enjoyable experience that will bring back the fun in shopping!

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