Do you ever look at your wardrobe and say 'I have nothing to wear'?  Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by your big wardrobe?  

Using my expert knowledge I can help detox and reorganise your wardrobe so that you will get maximum wear out of every piece of clothing  you own.  This will  give your mind more clarity and getting ready in the mornings will never be a stressful task again.

Benefits of a wardrobe detox:

* I will guide you through each piece in your wardrobe and explain what items works,  eliminating any unflattering impulse buys. 

* Body Shape analysis and learn about which cuts and fabrics work best for you. 

* Gain knowledge on how to keep a more considered and streamline wardrobe

* Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe and what key items will work hard  for your lifestyle

*  Outfit building items from your existing wardrobe and take pictures along the way so you can refer back to them if you ever get stuck. 

* Key tips on how to keep an organised wardrobe

* Learn how accessorises can work with your outfits

* Together we will identify gaps in your wardrobe and compile a shopping list of items you need.

* Advice on how to list/sell any unwanted clothes on Ebay and Depop

* You will be left with a tidy and  organised wardrobe that will help you to clearly see what you have . 

Prior to your session I offer a free consultation over the phone and also email over a questionnaire to  get a clear understanding of  your  requirements.  This is also a great opportunity to ask me any questions you might have. Hiring a stylist is a very personal experience so it is my aim to make sure you are at ease and a 100% comfortable throughout our session. 

Service price £195  3 hours booking  Note: This may cost more if you have a very large wardrobe as it will take longer.


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