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Updated: Jan 5

outfit idea for a women

Feeling the chill? I certainly am. With the unpredictable UK weather suddenly plummeting one of the most important items you will need in your winter wardrobe is a good coat. Many of my followers on Instagram have requested a blog on winter coats so, this week's blog will be dedicated to winter coats for tall, petite, and curvy women.

Your coat will be seen more than any other item of clothing in these colder months so, it’s worth investing in a good one. Whether you like a casual one in neutral tones or like to make a statement with brighter colors and prints, it’s so important to choose the right one that reflects your individual style and one that fits and flatters your shape. Opting for a classic coat in colours i.e. black, navy, and camel will most likely have the most longevity in any wardrobe. I know I bang on about this a lot but it is so important to buy with clear intention and only buy pieces that will last for many years so, when it comes to buying a coat try to get the very best quality you can.

Please note some of the below products have affiliate links whereby if you make a purchase I will receive a small commission from the sale. This is no extra cost to you. This small income helps me to continue to do what I love and bring you great quality content.

Know Your Shape

When choosing a coat it is fundamental that you understand your body shape, proportions and what styles will really suit you. Whether you are curvy, petite, or tall, some standard sizes just don’t look quite right so it may just be better to opt for specific ranges that cater to your unique shape. It is also important to actually try on lots of different coat styles to find the right fit for you. If you are an online shopper then read the reviews as genuine customer feedback is always really good and helps avoid you buying the wrong coat. Also, check each store's online size measurements as these can vary in different shops and will ensure you will get the very best fit for your shape. When buying a coat in-store wear a jumper so that you can get the right coat that will also accommodate your favourite knitwear.

To make it easier to scan this blog I am breaking down the tips for Petites, tall and curvy shapes with bullet-point tips. It will be so much easier to skim through to the section that you will relate to the most. Please note these are my personal suggestions for finding your best coat. It is simply a guide. If you find a coat that you feel and look great in, then just wear it.


Finding coats for a petite on the high street can be challenging, but the petite ranges in the stores are getting much better. So, to get the best fit you really need to buy from petite ranges. If you are really petite and slim then the kid's section of Zara and HM is always worth looking at as it will certainly ensure you find the right length for you. I have known many clients to do this so, it really isn't surprising. Here are a few points I suggest when you are buying a coat.

  • The best length for any petite is just below the knee. Any longer then it may drown you. Unless you wear a good tailored midi-length coat.

  • Stick to a classic silhouette and clean lines that will highlight your shape.

  • Avoid really oversized or puffer coats that may drown your frame. Opt for thinner quilted coats with great heat technology that will keep you super warm without adding any baulk will be the best option.

  • A coat in a block color will help lengthen your frame.

  • Avoid big prints that will overwhelm your frame instead opt for smaller checks.

woman wearing a black coat

This coat would be an investment that will last you years. Wear with your workwear or wear it over your casual weekend looks. Hobbs petite wool coat, link

woman wearing a coat and jeans

Boden has a great range of coats for Petites.

woman wearing coat and jeans

This coat looks like a thinner padded style that I think is great for Petites.

Joules longline padded coat, link

woman wearing a puffer coat

If you prefer a short padded coat then this is another good option.

Hobbs puffer coat link.


In my experience as a personal stylist, the best place for a tall person to shop is online stores as they cater a much wider range of options than the high street. For tall women, a well-fitting coat should hug the curve of your back, hit perfectly at your waist, frame your shoulders, and reach your wrists. Some of the tall ranges can be found at Next, Long tall sally, M&S a John Lewis.

  • Tall women can pull off a variety of styles and silhouettes i.e Oversized, quilted, or longline coats are all great for a tall person.

  • Tailored pieces specifically for a tall frame will ensure that they will fit perfectly in terms of the correct rise, length, and pocket placement.

  • Carefully look at your proportions. Some women may have a long torso, some may have longer legs, and some ladies fall into both categories. Figure out whether you need a shorter/longer top length, longer bottoms, or both, and this will dictate whether you’re able to get away with a regular size or you need to shop in the specific tall range.

woman wearing check coat

Long tall sally dog tooth coat, click here, Link

woman wearing a puffer coat

Longline puffer coat from Marks and Spencer. Link

woman wearing a wool shirt coat

Boden shirt coat. Click on photo to be directed to site.

woman wearing a leopard coat

Next, do a great range of coats to cater for tall women

woman wearing a lilac coat

Cos is another great shop that creates beautifully tailored coats.


If you are curvy with big boobs, a prominent tummy, or a big bum then here are some points for you to note when buying a coat. You may find looking in specific ranges that cater for a bigger bust may be better. Or plus-size ranges that will better accommodate your curvy frame.

  • Wrap coats are great for a curvy frame as they fit and flatter the waistline creating a beautiful hourglass effect.

  • If you don't like a belted coat then opt for a structured coat that will clearly give you shape on the waist and gently skims your hips.

  • If you have a big bust then a V neckline coat with thin to medium lapels will help elongate your torso.

  • Avoid teddy coats, cocoon styles, or large padded coats as they will only add balk to a curvy frame. Thinner quilted fabrics are better,

  • Highlight your best assets with clever tailoring that will give structure to a curvy frame.

  • If you are more pear-shaped and smaller on top then balance out bigger hips by adding some volume up top with a puffer jacket.

a camel coat

M&S camel coat link