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Updated: Jan 20

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As a personal stylist, one of the main challenges that I come across with many clients is the problem of styling up a big bust. It can be tricky and so frustrating when you struggle to find the right things to wear daily. I find a lot of women tend to cover up with the same tops two sizes larger to accommodate their bigger bust which eventually ends up making many ladies feeling unstylish and frumpy. I myself have found my bust getting larger over the years throughout pregnancies and hormonal changes. My bust has gone from a 34a to a 32 FF!! So, I personally know all too well how women feel when they struggle to find suitable clothes for their bust.

Some women are happy to embrace their chest and accentuate this area which is great! But this all depends on your personal style and how you like to express yourself. In my experience as a personal stylist, I have found most women are conscious about this part of their body and prefer to minimize this area. So, I have put together a small guide with some of my key tips that will help you to style your bust with ease and confidence.

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A good bra is key! Wearing a good-fitting comfortable bra will determine how well your clothes will sit on your body shape. Research shows that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra. Finding the right bra can be daunting for many women. However, there are many great brands out there that cater to the fuller bust. I recommend brands Rigby and Peller, Elomi, Fantasie Lingerie, and Bravissimo for some of the best stores that cater for a bigger bust. Both Bravissimo and Fantaise Lingerie offer a great virtual bra fitting service. It is also good to consider shapewear especially if you are dressing for a special occasion. Shapewear will help to smooth and create clean lines. I love the affordable shapewear collections at and M&S.


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A wrap dress is a perfect waist clinching style. Now, some women with a bigger bust hate a wrap dress due to problems of overspill or gaping or generally not feeling comfortable in them, but I think it actually all depends on buying a wrap style dress from the right store. Wrap styles from lower-end fast fashion stores always gape as they are not generous with fabric and generally cater to standardized bust sizes. Opt for good quality jersey materials with stretch fabric that ensure the garment molds beautifully over your bust. A dress that has a fit and flare will sit in all the right places by giving you a great fit on the bust and accentuating your waistline creating a beautiful hourglass silhouette. Belted shirt-style dresses are also a great option. It is also important to note that you should avoid sleeves that stop at the fullest point of your bust as this will only make this area appear larger. 3/4 sleeves or long sleeve styles are best.


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V necks, Scoop, Bardot, and square are the best necklines for a big bust. As long as they are not too deep. The v neck will help to elongate the torso and a square neckline will help to minimise the bust. Higher necklines will simply make the distance from the neck to the underbust appear much bigger. I know a lot of women struggle to find v necks that are not too deep. The best place to find a higher-rise V neck is Marks and Spencers or a great small brand called Fairly curved. Their basic t-shirt range is the best for us curvy ladies.


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The oversized trend has been big over the last few years. So, I think it's perfect for us bigger bust ladies who struggle to find the right fit with shirts. You can size down in this style to find the perfect fit for you. It also looks super chic! Wear your shirts with a slightly open neckline that creates the flattering V neckline, drawing the eye down. Also, tuck in your shirt to highlight the smallest part of your waist.


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Prints are your best friend if you want to hide those lumps and bumps, they confuse the eye and also help to minimise the bust. Opt for small to medium size prints. You could also wear darker shades on your top half and a statement print in the form of a skirt or trousers on your bottom half.


When you are styling your bust it is also important to remember to create balance with the proportions of your body shape so, you must carefully consider what to wear on your bottom half. Larger boobs will make the space between your bust and waistline appear much shorter, you may want to opt for mid-rise style in jeans as a high rise style will make your proportions look imbalanced. A relaxed fit trouser, an A-line skirt, or loose fit jean will help to balance out a top-heavy body shape. Avoid really tight tapered trousers or skinny jeans as this will only emphasize your top half especially if you have a prominent tummy.


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