Updated: Jul 16

Online personal styling service
Online stylist

Many of us are still trying to adjust to the new normal life we are living in this current pandemic. With the majority of professional women working from home remotely, the concept of workwear has transformed. Many people are opting for a more relaxed uniform but, it doesn't not mean your style needs to take a back seat. Getting ready and dressed every morning is a fundamental step in our personal self-care. We may not realise it but what we wear has a powerful effect on us mentally and emotionally.

At the start of the first lockdown, I myself lived in loungewear. It felt comfortable while having to do the stressful task of homeschooling but after a few months I started feeling very unmotivated. I realised it was my clothes that were making me feel this way. So, I started to get myself ready just like I would dress going out to work. This helped me to feel so much better about myself and made me feel more motivated and happier throughout the day. Our dress codes may have changed with many of us going back to our basic wardrobe essentials but don't let that become boring and lose sight of your style mojo in the process.

I can help you inject the right colours in your wardrobe for those all-important work zoom meetings or simply help you feel uplifted and positive for the day ahead. I will also guide you to find the right styles of clothing that will fit and flatter you effortlessly without compromising on your style.

My online personal style service is beneficial for clients who cannot get to the shops. You may be a petite or tall lady who struggles to find items that fit. You may have a disability or you are someone who simply prefers to shop from the comfort of their own home. With the current pandemic rules constantly changing and the fitting rooms being closed, my online styling service has become incredibly popular. This service is available internationally to ladies of all ages, shapes, and sizes. This service includes a full-body shape analysis, colour analysis, my shop recommendations, outfit inspiration, product selections with full outfit mood boards, and direct shoppable links. Prior to starting a style report, I ask all my clients to fill out a detailed questionnaire that will give me a deeper understanding of your brief and the kind of direction and style you want to achieve. See below for an example of some of my work.