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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

women wearing a black top

In this weeks blog, I wanted to share my top ten personal stylist tips that will help elevate your style. Looking stylish doesn't mean you need to be wearing the latest trends or having loads of clothes in your wardrobe. The first step to getting dressed is really knowing who you are and identifying your unique signature style.

The following tips are a great guide to keep in mind if you are looking for ways to elevate your personal style.


One of the fundamental rules before styling yourself is to know your body shape and how to balance out your proportions, Recognising and understanding your shape will help you to shop smarter and style yourself with ease and confidence. I am not a fan of putting people in boxes and telling them that they fit into a particular body shape as so many of my clients don't always fit into one body type. My personal style analysis is always bespoke so, I mainly tend to focus on what my client wants to accentuate and what part of their body they prefer to hide. However, some clients do like to follow the traditional guidelines of a body shape type like in the diagram below. If you would like a bespoke body shape guide then you can find out more about my service here.

body type illustrations


This is a styling trick that will help define your waist and make you look put together. There are a few clever ways you can tuck in a shirt or top that will make your look a lot less formal. First up is the half-tuck, to achieve this look you simply need to tuck in one half of your shirt slightly away from the middle into your bottoms leaving the rest of the shirt free all around you. The 'half tuck' it's my favourite way to tuck in all my tops. Simply place your hand in front of your belly button and slide in the fabric in your bottoms securely under the waistband, leaving the rest of the remaining fabric free.

Here are a few visual photos to give you an idea.

3. Highlight your waist

A belt adds a finishing touch to any outfit and helps to accentuate your beautiful waistline. Start with a simple dark leather belt that will thread through your jeans or a wide belt to wear over dresses. Experiment with different size belts and textures that will transform your outfits. I love this statement belt in the photo below.

woman wearing belt

4. INVEST IN quality basics

Good quality basics form the foundation of every wardrobe. The better quality you buy the longer your clothes will last. Opt for natural fibres as they feel much more comfortable on your skin. i.e. cotton, linen, cashmere and wool are all great natural fabrics. Basic items such as a good blazer, basic cotton tops, good jeans, a white shirt, and tailored trousers are just some of the items that will mix and match to create multiple outfit options.

5. elevate simple looks with accessories

Accessories such as Jewellery, hats, scarfs and sunglasses can add heaps of personality to a look and provide the finishing touch to an outfit. Jewellery is the most cost-effective way to elevate a simple look...It's also a great way to make a statement whether you like earrings, necklaces, or bangles. Choose what works for your individual personal style.

See in the below image how this simple look is elevated with the gold layered necklaces and watch.

woman wearing jeans and accessories

6. Elongate your frame with shoes

A pointy shoe is a clever way to elongate your legs to look a lot longer. Go for a nude colour that matches your skin tone. The beauty of a neutral shoe is that it practically works with any outfit. If you are not a fan of a point shoe then you can opt for an open toe sandal as this will also cleverly elongate the leg. Avoid straps on the ankle as this will only cut off your leg unless it is a nude colour.

woman wearing a winter outfit

7. Wear good fitting underwear

What you wear underneath your clothes massively affects how your clothes actually fit you. According to numerous studies 80 per cent of us, women are wearing the wrong bra. Getting your measurements wrong can lead to sagging, Back/neck pain and even scarring. Are you wearing the correct fitted bra or underwear? Make sure you are regularly measured up every 6 months to ensure the perfect fit for your shape, When you are wearing underwear that fits properly it will smooth out your body shape lines and will give you the best fit with your over garments. I recommend brands Rigby and Peller, Bravissimo, Fantasie Lingerie and Marks & Spencer.

woman wearing a bra


Layering is a great way to elevate your look in a fun stylish way. So don't be afraid to experiment. The easiest layering piece is a polo neck under a dress for the cooler months. In the summer try wearing a plain t-shirt under a satin slip dress. Layering different weight jackets such as a biker under a trench or a gilet over a basic top also looks super stylish. Playing with different sleeve lengths is another way to add a little layering flair to your outfit. Pair a shorter-sleeved coat with a sweater or roll up the sleeves to show off a different colour or texture.

woman wearing a gilet

Gilet from


Do you ever wake up in the morning saying "Oh crap! "I have nothing to wear?" Instead of rushing to find an outfit or always wearing the same things on repeat, try putting together some different outfit combinations beforehand. Planning your outfits the night before will massively help make your mornings run much more smoothly. Try preparing outfits for your week on a clothes rail where you can see them so, that they are ready to go. Creating different options for formal, business, and casual occasions will make it so much easier.

clothes on a rail

Image credit:@dwell


Find yourself a good tailor! The work of a good tailor can make such a difference because getting the right fit for your body shape is so important, Some of my clients struggle with finding the right fit of clothes on high street. Especially my petite personal styling clients. Sleeve lengths and jeans are too long in standard ranges so these always need to be taken up unless you only shop petite. Sometimes, the petite ranges are limited so if there is something you see in a standard range then having your own personal tailor is valuable. You can work with your tailor to create the ultimate wardrobe that fits and flatters you perfectly. TIP: Look at your local Facebook groups to find a recommendation for good local tailors.

I hope you found this week's blog post useful. You can use these tips to enhance your personal style, these ideas will also certainly help you to dress more stylishly with confidence. If you would like more information about my personal style consultation services then click here.

Next week I will resume my blog post with fresh new outfit ideas. If you have any requests of what you would like me to cover on the blog then please do leave me a comment below or email me at

Many thanks for reading. Wishing you all a wonderful week!


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